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What is HomeAway (now Vrbo)?
Founded in 1995 by David Clouse, HomeAway is a vacation rental marketplace connecting travelers with property owners. It belongs to the Expedia Group and currently has over 2 million rental listings worldwide. HomeAway offers a wide range of accommodation options, focusing on standalone properties than shared spaces or single rooms. It primarily caters to families and travel groups to provide a private experience.

What types of accommodation does HomeAway offer?
The choice of accommodation depends on the destination. There are hotels, villas, bungalows, condos, apartments, cabins, lodges, studios, waterfront properties, resorts, and many more. In addition, HomeAway also features unique vacation rentals similar to GlampingHub, like treehouses, cottages, barns, houseboats, etc. Sometimes, you will also find B&B options.

How much does HomeAway charge?
HomeAway charges a fee of 6%-15% of the subtotal value of the booking from guests, and it is the average rate charged by other OTAs as well. From Vrbo’s hosts, they charge a commission of 8%.

How does HomeAway work?

  1. You have to sign up to book with HomeAway, so start by creating an account.
  2. On the homepage of HomeAway’s website, enter the destination, check-in and check-out dates, and the number of guests (adults, children, and pets). A list of options will appear with details on the number of beds and bedrooms, price per night, and the average rating of the property for easy comparison.
  3. Use the extensive list of filters to specify your budget and preferences. There’s also an interactive map denoting all the places on a map.
  4. If you find anything interesting, check its availability and more pictures of the place. HomeAway provides a descriptive overview of each place and information on policies, amenities, reviews, rooms and beds, maps, and rates.
  5. Then, it’s a matter of entering your card details and reserving them. You can also save places you like under ‘Favourites’ and book them when you are ready.

Benefits of using HomeAway

HomeAway offers a wide range of filters to help you find the perfect accommodation. Based on your requirements, you can specify the price range, neighborhood, location, property type, features and amenities, house rules, safety and accessibility, and many more. The advanced and intuitive filters make your search easier and something Airbnb is yet to have.

One of the main benefits of having an entire rental for your use is the optimum privacy that comes with it. It’s especially important for couples and families. With complaints about Airbnb hosts spying on their guests, unoccupied properties can also seem attractive for solo travelers. If you don’t like the idea of staying with a stranger, HomeAway is a good choice.

HomeAway’s choice is impressive both in number and type of accommodations. It covers 190 countries at present, and the number keeps growing. Whether you dream of spending your next vacation in a stone cottage or a charming castle, Vrbo has got you covered. Another plus is that you can find rentals for different budget ranges.

Good customer service
Most of the positive HomeAway reviews highlighted its reliable and helpful customer support. Customers could sort booking issues, reschedule reservations, and solve other urgent matters promptly. It is also an assurance for rental owners and guests when resolving disputes.