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Florida offers something for every traveler. Whether you’re feeding live alligators, salsa dancing, sipping drinks on the beach, or galavanting through a theme park, one of our Florida vacation rentals is the ideal choice for your next getaway.

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Why Florida is the perfect vacation spot

Endless Entertainment with Accommodations
Florida boasts many theme parks, nature reserves, activities, dining, and shopping districts.  This state is home to Disney World, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, and many other world-famous theme parks.  One of the best parts is that these theme parks offer special accommodations for disabled visitors to enjoy the perks of these spectacular places.

Beautiful Nature
It also offers many unique landscapes and relaxing parks that the entire family can enjoy.  There are many places to enjoy the serenity and peace of nature.  Many of these parks have handicap-accessible ramps and sidewalks that allow everyone to find comfort and enjoyment when they are visiting.

When you take your entire family on vacation, you want to choose somewhere that is also affordable for your budget.  Florida gives you the feeling of a tropical vacation without the expensive flight or price tag.  Also, the price of hotels and entertainment is much cheaper when you travel to Florida.   In fact, there are many things to do here that are cheap – or even free.

Beautiful Beaches
Because Florida is a long peninsular-shaped state, you can have your choice of the many miles of beaches that the Florida coastline offers.  You can choose a beach that is along the quieter and calmer Gulf of Mexico, or you can choose something along the Atlantic Ocean to dip your toes into.  You have the option to choose any beach you want when you travel to Florida.

Unique Arts and Culture
Visiting Florida gives you the chance to explore many different and unique arts and cultural opportunities. Cities like Miami and St. Augustine boast plenty of cultural districts that give you a chance to connect to many diverse languages, cuisine, and lifestyles that you may not normally be able to explore in your hometown.